Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CSU Extension Greenhouse Blog Feedback

I am looking for some feedback on my blog postings on this site.

I created this blog a few years back to cover commercial greenhouse issues, which more or less sat on a back burner in my extension programming. Back in October of 2008 I rekindled my efforts with some new blog topics. To promote these efforts, I have been forwarding the blog postings through my CSU Extension Greenhouse listserv as well as through my other social media connections including Plaxo.com, Twitter.com, and Facebook.com.

Many of you have responded with positive comments, for which I am grateful, yet I have not heard from most of you. What I would like to hear from any of you are some ideas and suggestions for blog topics that are of interest to you and/or are important to the commercial greenhouse industry.

Please reply below with suggestions or comments.

Thank you for your time.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HI Steve,

Wondering about energy efficient greenhouses. My brother (not a horticulturist) sent me this link: http://www.solarbubblebuild.com/. I haven't had time to read into this, but it sounded interesting....have you blogged about this already?