Friday, December 03, 2010

Ode to a Green Poinsettia

I was looking through some old files and I found a wonderfully appropriate poem for this time of year. I must have scanned it years ago, so I apologize to the author, whom I can not locate, if I spelled your name wrong.


Mari Alyce Loguidice,
Horticulture Assistant, Schenectady Co., NY

,Twas a week before Christmas
And I looked down in dread
At my year old poinsettia
With no sign of red

The book said it was simple
To bring Christmas cheer
By saving poinsettias
year after year

I decided to try it
I would get right down to it
I'd feel so creative
The new Martha Stewart

My Holiday guests
would say as eyes gleam
"your plant is so red,
and your thumbs are so green."

The trick, the book said,
Is all in the light
For 15 hours a day
Just simulate night

And gradually‑yes, it said
Your year old poinsettia
Will turn vibrantly red

I pondered my schedule
With a pen and some paper
To figure a way
To pull off this caper

I would rush home from work
So I could deposit
My year old poinsettia
into the closet

At 8 every morning
Oh‑this will be fun
I'll bring my poinsettia
Out In the sun

I became quite a slave
To my plant and my plight
But I desperately wanted
To get it just right.

There were a few mishaps
In the 10 weeks it took
To give my poinsettia
That new Christmas look

Like the few times
We went away overnight
And left the poinsettia
Out in the light
Or the time in the closet

It got a bit battered
By someone’s big parka
But none of this mattered

For I had a mission
Oh what a thrill
I would make this plant flower
By sheer force of will

But obviously something
Went wrong with the scene
For here's my poinsettia
Still hopelessly green

Yet I won't lot this dampen
My bright Christmas spirit
But don't mention poinsettias
'Cause I don't want to hear it

Source: GroNews, Nov/Dec ‘96

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