Wednesday, June 08, 2011

CSU Floriculture Research Archives

One of the great pleasures that I have had during the past 17 years at Colorado State University has been the inheritance of a plethora of work that was done by former floricutlure and greenhouse faculty at Colorado State University. For years, these filing cabinets have been sitting in a closet awaiting an opportunity for sharing. Every year, I get a few requests from researchers and growers around the globe requesting a reprint, which I am happy to say, I can provide.

Electronic technologies now allow for me to put these items online. Our department now has a copy machine that will scan documents rapidly and with Adobe Acrobat, I can clean them up, capture the text, and save them in a format useable to you.

My first posting is a long favorite bulletin of mine,

Hydroponics, by Professors Joe Hanan and Bob Holley.

Yes, the publication is more than 35 years old, but the information is still relevant.

You can find this document and future installations on my Floriculture Research page.

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